Faculty Do’s & Dont’s For ADA Accommodations


  • Do meet with any student requesting accommodations during your office hours. This is when you establish what will be provided in your classroom.
  • Do follow all accommodations that are requested by the student listed on their Letter of Accommodation (LOA).
  • Do expect a student with a disability to follow the same attendance policy in your course syllabus as any other student.
  • Do accept a note from a physician or clinic indicating an appointment or seasonal illness; if you allow this from any student in order to make up missed work due to missed class because of the illness.
  • Do allow a student with a disability to discuss, with you, problems they may be having in your classroom to help promote their academic progress.
  • Do discuss how the supplemental note taking accommodation will be provided in your course. With so many different options available it is important to be clear with the student how this accommodation will be provided.
  • Do expect a student registered with Student Disability Services (SDS) to follow the Student Code of Conduct, just like any other student.


  • Don’t allow a student to hand you a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) just prior to the beginning or at the end of class. This should be done individually so you can discuss what is needed and be aware of what is on the document you are signing. Remind the student that discussing it in front of other students violates their right to keeping the disability confidential.
  • Don’t provide anything other than what is listed on the LOA. If the student wants something additional or altered have them contact the Student Disability Services (SDS) Office to discuss the change.
  • Don’t allow them to do less work or alter exam schedules, or due dates for projects, unless there is a conflict with the Academic Testing Center and the time of the exam. All exams for students with disabilities must be administered at the same time and using the exact same format as all other students.
  • Don’t announce the student’s name or indicate that he/she should pick up their class notes in front of other class members.
  • Don’t allow a student registered with SDS to act out of turn in class simply because he/she has presented you with information about their disability.  All students are still required to follow the Student Code of Conduct.

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