New Online System for Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services (SDS)  is pleased to announce the launch of our new Accessible Information Management (AIM) system. AIM is designed to allow students to apply for services, choose accommodations for classes, request Letters of Accommodation (LOA) for those classes, and upload documentation.

Log in to the AIM System.

Students will log in using their eRaider username and password.

Sign in to your eRaider and choose from the options to log in, fill out a new student application, sign up as a notetaker, or make a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Request for an interpreter or transcriber.

Once logged into your profile on AIM, you will be able to choose the accommodations for the courses that you would like.

If a professor decides to use Academic Testing Services (ATS), students must still complete the pink ATS testing contract. The testing contracts and note-taking tablets are available in our front office at 335 West Hall. These ATS testing contracts will still need to be filled out by the student and the professor. Academic Testing Services will also require a copy of your LOA to verify your SDS registration, which can be printed directly from the new AIM system.

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