It’s Finals Week, Start Strong!

In honor of finals week, here is a list of ways to start the week in a productive, positive manner. Studying also helps with finals so don’t forget to do that one!

  1. Talk to Family and/or Friends. Communicating with people who can comfort you can start the week off in a positive way and affect your outlook. Reach out to the people in your life and stay connected.
  1. Sleep. There are tons of studies on the importance of sleep. Try and recharge as much as you can to be as productive as possible.
  1. Don’t Procrastinate. Why stress yourself out later when you can calmly do things now?
  1. Plan Your Week Out. Take 30 minutes to plan your week out. It will help keep things in focus and achieve your short-term goals.
  1. Just Breathe. Take a minute to go outside and breathe some fresh air. If things are getting stressful just focus on breathing for a couple minutes and get back on track.
  1. Don’t Worry. Worrying can cause all sorts of unnecessary stress. Corrie ten Boom said it best: “Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” The first 5 suggestions should help with this one.
  1. Manage Your Time. Keep a calendar and map out your week with your “to-do’s” even if it is a 5 minute task. Then add a 30 minute or hour-long task and cross them off as you go.

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