Tips for a Successful and Happy Holiday Break

By: Lauren Matthys

Depression does not discriminate throughout the year, but the holiday season might make some individuals more prone to unwanted drops in mood–a condition referred to as seasonal affective disorder.  As finals are coming to an end (woohoo!) and students are making their way back home, here are some tips from SDS and to help alleviate those holiday woes.

  1.  If you’re lucky enough to get some sun where you are spending your break, be sure to take advantage and soak it up.  The sun rays will stimulate circadian functioning, making you feel more energized and ready for all of those holiday goodies!
  2. Make exercise a priority–even if it’s simply parking farther away at the grocery store to stock up on food.  The endorphins that are released during exercise can help combat seasonal depression.
  3. Spend quality time with loved ones and avoid family conflict.  Being back home after a semester away can be exciting, but after some of that excitement wears off, it can prove taxing.  Try to remain neutral if a Griswold family situation unravels.
  4. Make up for all those hours lost during finals and catch up on your sleep.  Create a schedule that allows at least 8-9 hours of sleep a night.
  5. Spend your time doing things you love!  The fall semester was a busy one, which means that your priorities shifted to school, school, and more school.  Engage in activities and hobbies you didn’t have time for during the semester.
  6. Balance your diet.  The holidays are a time for fellowship, friends, and FOOD.  It’s easy to over-indulge, which can lead to grogginess and guilt.  Be conscious of how much and what you’re putting in your body!
  7. More than 3 million Americans report a diagnosis of seasonal affective disorder so you’re not alone. If you still feel like you can’t get out of a funk there are many resources available to help.

Congrats to all for finishing the semester and happy holidays from your SDS family!






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